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IRAN POLYURETHANE MANUFACTURING COMPANY (IPMC) is the pioneer and leading producer of molded polyurethane products for the automotive, rail and aviation industry in Iran which established in 1976 and after many decades specialization and launch different product lines, now are as a first-rate production of the parts in the automotive industry. The company has a successful resume by access memory foam technology in over the past decade to produce orthopedic pillow and other orthopedic parts under Hooshmand brand and now uses the present Europe technology and import quilted mattresses cover from Italy to produce mattresses base on PU foam under Lifestyle brand coordinated with world top brands .



Lifestyle (Local Products)



Ezgi Bordato
Ezgi Bordato





Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera


Worset Bordato
Worset Bordato


Worset 3D
Worset 3D


Magniflex , Tonino Lamborghini (Imported Products)

Tonino Lamborghini , Alain
 Tonino Lamborghini , Alain

Tonino Lamborghini , ALAIN: A double support with a futuristic design and double wave that ensures that the head and the shoulders have a correct position. The form that is more pronounced o one side as opposed to the other side supports the neck based on the morphological needs and the body structure, giving two solutions for rest. The transpiration of the fabric is ensured by the Airform workmanship that even avoids moisture retention.      

Tonino Lamborghini , Niki
Tonino Lamborghini , Niki

Tonino Lamborghini , NIKI: The design of this cushion traditional, but that dose not entail that it is less innovative than the other cushion. It has been made with the Airyform system and is anatomical and transpiring, it guarantees a perfect posture to the neck and a constant recycle of air thanks to the micro-holes placed in the center of the support. The antibacterial treatment of the fabric of the cover ensures maximum hygiene.    

Magniflex , Dolce Vita
Magniflex , Dolce Vita

Magniflex , Magnigel
Magniflex , Magnigel

Magniflex , Siena
Magniflex , Siena

Magniflex , Firenze
Magniflex , Firenze

Tonino Lamborghini , LE MANS ELITE
Tonino Lamborghini , LE MANS ELITE

  Tonino Lamborghini , LE MANS ELITE It is a mattress that has been createdto generate a peaceful rest. It is idealfor those who want to rest in a pleasantsoftness without forgetting support. Theside band 3D give a microclimate that is aperfectly in harmony with that of our body.

Magniflex , Toscana
Magniflex , Toscana


Tonino Lamborghini , SILVERSTONE ELITE
Tonino Lamborghini , SILVERSTONE ELITE

Tonino Lamborghini , SILVERSTONE ELITE This mattress offers the benefit ofthe combination of many different hitechfeatures, designed to ensure acomfortable and healthy night’s sleep. Itsinternal plate is made up of both an ultrasoft and firmer material. The mattressproviding support for each different partof the body. It has a viscose cover whichis soft to the touch and completelyremovable to increasing hygiene level.

Tonino Lamborghini , DAYTONA ELITE
Tonino Lamborghini , DAYTONA ELITE

Tonino Lamborghini , DAYTONA ELITE Daytona has the mixture of thetechnology in this area together withcomfort. The cover in viscose fiber has asparkling appearance and is silky to thetouch, providing a unique sensation ofsoftness and comfort. Its layer in Memoryand Elioform foam supports the bodythroughout, guaranteeing a maximunlevel of comfort.

Tonino Lamborghini , MONZA ELITE
Tonino Lamborghini , MONZA ELITE

Tonino Lamborghini , MONZA ELITE This mattress is characterized by a perfectbase for a complete rest in the sign ofwellbeing. Its internal materials offer also amaximum degree of comfort. Perfect forthose who want a strong base for supportof the limbs, the legs and the spine, it iscombined with a Memosoft padding thatcompletes the support gently and pleasantly.Ergonomic support for a better balancesupport of the body.

Sleep Tips


Let's Get Sleepy


The choice of mattress significantly influences the quality of our sleep. Considering we

spend one-third of our lives sleeping, it’s easy to understand how our mattress can tip the

scales to allow us to live better. Thanks to the wide range of Magniflex poducts, it is

possible to find the perfect one for you…

The importance of getting a good night's sleep

A series of studies carried out in the United States have revealed that...


Insufficient or poor quality sleep...

Can lead to weight gain.
A lack of sleep alters metabolism; the levels of septin, the hormone that gives a feeling of
fullness decrease, while the levels of ghrelin, which gives a feeling of hunger increase.
Harms the brain.

Lack of sleep can cause the brain to interrupt cell regeneration.

ncreases the risk of contracting illnesses.

Poor sleep quality prevents cell regeneration and weakens our immune system, increasing the

risk of contracting diseases.

Accelerates ageing.

A severe lack of sleep can affect hormone production and accelerate the ageing process.

A good night’s sleep...

Helps maintain the body’s natural biorhythm and helps us feel better about ourselves.


Regulates vital functions and restores energy.


Regenerates the nervous, muscular and circulatory systems.




Some Good habits to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Go to sleep early and at the same time.

Our bodies respond well to consistent bedtimes which helps maintain our natural


Do regular physical exercise

The rest that our body requires is directly proportional to our lifestyle; an excessively

sedentary lifestyle does not promote good sleep.


Go outside during the day

Daylight and movement during the day should alternate with darkness and rest at night so that our bodies produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

Get used to relaxing exercises.

Meditation, stretching and breathing exercises help us have good dreams

Have a light evening meal.

Some foods are hard to digest and can disturb sleep. Similarly too much food creates a feeling of heaviness and prevents us from sleeping in a prone or supine position.

Have a shower or relaxing bath.

The bed should be a cool and hygienic environment; it is a good habit to go to bed after getting rid of the external pollutants and bacteria from our bodies. Lukewarm water, the use of bath salts and oils, allow our bodies to relax even more.

Have a high protein snack.

If you generally have an early evening meal and go to bed late, a snack is necessary to restore your hormonal balance and to avoid waking up during the night with a feeling of hunger. 

The ideal environment for perfect rest.

In order to ensure sleep is truly refreshing, the whole night time environment should be suitably prepared.

Here are some of our tips:

The air in the bedroom.

Before going to bed, it is a good idea to ventilate the room to ensure the air is fresh and has the right level of humidity.


Essential oils.

Some plants such as lavender, mandarin and orange can help the mind and nervous sytem to relax, offering a natural way of fending off the risk of insomnia.

The right temperature.

The ideal temperature for the bedroom is around 18c. Sleeping in an excessively warm environment is unhealthy.


The room should be dark when we are sleeping because light can interrupt the so-called circadian rhythm and the production of melatonin and serotonin which encourage rest.


Silence helps relaxation and promotes a better sleep.

No TV in the bedroom.

TV has a stimulating effect and the brain will require more time for the nervous system to relax and consequently more time will be required to get to sleep.




Internal Layers For Lifestyle Mattresses

Viscos For Lifestyle Mattresses

Amethyst For Lifestyle Mattresses


Horse Hair , Option For Lifestyle Mattresses

Cooling Gel , Option For Lifestyle Mattresses

Camel Wool , Option For Lifestyle Mattresses

Aloe Vera For Lifestyle Mattresses

Aloe Vera

General Characters For Tonino Lamborghini & Magniflex Mattresses
Tonino Lamborghini & Magniflex's Technologies            



Below are some general features of Magniflex mattresses.



The special foams and fabrics used

ensure a consistent and healthy

transpiration of the mattress.



The vacuum packing procedure
reduces the mattress’s overall
dimension by 90%, improving hygiene
and transport time. 
The materials used and constant
transpiration of the mattress ensures
suitability even for those who suffer
from allergies.
Environment friendly 
There are no materials which are toxic
or non-biodegradable in any part of
the mattress.
Allows the correct exchange of
electrical energy between the body
and the surrounding environment.
The mattress is completely made
from recyclable materials, respecting
the environment.
Weight independence 
The mattress does not dip even if
body weight is not distributed
uniformly. When two people lie on the
mattress, one is not affected by the
movement of the other.
Sanitized fabric
An important feature which ensures
the maximum hygiene of the fabric
   Non deformable 
Even if the mattress is subjected to a
constant high pressure, the mattress
does not lose its original shape.
Oeko tex Warranty
OEKO-TEX guarantees the quality of
the materials used in production. In
particular, it certifies that no harmful
substances to human health or the
environment have been used.
Magniflex® is the first to have reached
the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 in the
mattresses category.
No springs
The mattress is completely free of
springs and/or metal elements to
improve durability and increase
anti-static qualities.
Vacum Packed For Tonino Lamborghini & Magniflex Mattresses

Vacum Packed For Tonino Lamborghini

& Magniflex Mattresses


In 1986 Magniflex spearheaded its worldwide expansion by
patenting the revolutionary vacuum-packing system. As the
pioneer of the most innovative and practical packaging
system in the mattress sector, Magniflex was able to
guarantee mattress hygiene and quality in transit, and
improve transport times.
Reduces the volume by 90%
During the vacuum-packing procedure the mattress is subjected to a pressure of
one ton reducing its regular overall dimension by 90% and making transport easier
for both the shop and customer.
Guarantees hygiene
The mattress is rolled up and sealed in a special insulating film to maintain its
original quality and guarantee the hygiene of the mattress.
Mattress characteristics unchanged
Due to the high quality of materials used, a Magniflex vacuum packed mattress
maintains its beneficial characteristics once opened.
Back to shape in an instant
Just a few easy steps and the mattress quickly regains its original shape and
Environment friendly
Vacuum packed mattresses require fewer vehicles for transportation resulting in
less CO2 emissions.


How To Open A Vacuum Packed Mattress
  • 1

    Lay the vacuum packed mattress on

    the bed base (slatted bed base is

    required) and remove the packaging

    film without using any sharp tool

    which could damage the mattress.


Unroll the mattress (follow the

image sequence)


Through exposure to air the mattress

immediately regains its original shape

(fully regained within 24 hours).
















Internal Layers For Tonino Lamborghini & Magniflex Mattresses


  At Magniflex, we focus on producing the highest quality spring-free mattresses and sleep products.

We extensively research and utilise the most advanced materials and latest technologies to create patented

foam cores for all our mattresses. From the highly orthopaedic Elioform to the sensational Memoform, our

foams are durable, offer superior support and the very best in comfort.


Memoform Magnifoam
A fine, soft material that gives unparalleled comfort. Memoform immediately reacts to body pressure and warmth,
perfectly adapting to the body’s shape. It thus supports the back without exerting pressure on the spine or impeding
circulation. As it regains its original shape quickly it adapts to any movement made during the night without causing you to wake up.
What Is Memoform Magnifoam?

An extraordinary material that adapts to the shape of your body

Our bodies are an amazing combination of concave and convex areas with strong yet delicate parts such as the neck,

shoulders and back. Memoform Magnifoam, is designed to perfectly fit all areas of the body, reacting to our body’s

weight and natural warmth. It adapts to our shape and movements during sleep while the sense of ease, lightness and

comfort are immensely pleasurable and relaxing.

Pressure-free comfort...

The cell structure of Memoform Magnifoam and its very high density means it can perfectly adapt to the body without

exerting pressure on the spine or affecting the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Thus Memoform Magnifoam is

Anti-Decubitus so ideal for long-term bed rest.

What's the difference between Memoform Magnifoam and any other visco-elastic material?

Normal polyurethanes need more time to regain the original shape because they are too sensitive to heat and can

create sunken areas in the mattress. Memoform Magnifoam responds primarily to body pressure rather than heat

thus it adapts to the body with extreme precision and regains its original shape in a very short time.



The benefit of tailored support 






Memoform Magnifoam adapts to the body with 85%
accuracy and fills the “empty” areas between the
neck, head and along the back curve.


A mattress that is too rigid does not allow the body
to lay properly and to maintain its natural curve and
can cause compression on the back, spine, shoulders
and hips.





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